What is Organisational Coaching?

Organisational Coaching is the new dynamic coaching framework that has evolved from last decade’s business coaching methodologies.

There is no doubt business coaching as a management tool developed and enhanced businesses over the last decade.  Since coaching has become more mainstream and integrated into the consciousness of corporate organisational learning and development, a new and more sophisticated coaching model has developed which clearly aligns the long terms ambitions of the organisation with the learning and development ambitions of the people that work in the organisation.

Organisational Coaching has evolved and developed as a response for organisations that need a holistic framework to develop and grow.  Today’s coaching is not just about task improvement and better people, it is all about having a team that is aligned to a clear strategy and embrace being held accountable to delivering on that strategy.  Creating successful businesses through coaching is built around the essential principle that organisations only change when the people within them change.  Successful organisations create a work environment where staff are given an opportunity to author their own success in-line with the long term ambitions of the organisation and then held accountable to delivering on it.

The key difference between Business Coaching and Organisational Coaching is that Business Coaching was built on the principle of coaching the people in the organisation to be better at their role so that the organisation could be a better business.  Organisational Coaching is a much more holistic coaching approach, that looks at the business objectively, treats the organisation like a person and provides a coaching framework to make the organisation a better organisation (person).  As a consequence of the implementation of the Organisational Coaching Framework, the people in business are coached towards long term, sustainable organisational outcomes.

Organisational coaching draws on a wide range of methodologies and approaches, without being locked into any particular management discipline, to prescribe a fit for purpose solution to help an organisation achieve its goals.  In fact its attraction as a management framework is its flexibility to weave and integrate the best thinking and concepts from the Schools of  Management, Psychology, Sociology and Organisational Behaviour in order to create a tailored coaching based solution for the organisation to achieve it goals.

The Organisational Coaching Framework though is built around 4 Key Principles & Coaching Outcomes.  A successful organisational coaching intervention is built around making these 4 statement true.

1.  The Organisation has a Vision and Strategy developed by the key stakeholders and embraced by everyone inside and associated with the organisation.

2.  The Organisation has improved its operational efficiency and productivity of both staff and the business through purposeful Operational Planning with each part of the business aligned to the strategic ambitions of the organisation.

3.  The Organisation has clear Performance Benchmarks for everyone in the business from the top to the bottom, which are measurable and reported on regularly.

4.  The Organisation has an Implementation and Accountability Framework that makes everyone accountable for the success of the business with clear Strategic and Operational Milestones, Key Performance Indicators they are regularly reviewed on and coached through and a Communication Framework that engages every Stakeholder in the organisation and monitors the rhythm of the business.

Whats great about Organisational Coaching is that because of its flexibility and objectivity – right or wrong becomes a thing of the past – rather it is a framework that promotes organisations to continuously evolve their learning and development, by empowering the people in organisations to improve on their good decisions and not being afraid to take a risk because they know their decision is aligned with the best interests of the Organisation.

If you would like to learn more about how Organisational Coaching can make a difference to your organisation, send me an email.

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