Strategic Planning

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Is this You or your Business?

  • We don’t have a Strategic Plan for the business
  • Yes, we have a strategic plan – it’s in my head
  • I just can’t seem to get the team to understand my vision
  • Strategy is for big businesses – we don’t need it
  • We’re a great business but we seem stuck in rut doing the same thing
  • Why are all our competitors passing us by?
  • Our Company culture sucks
  • We have all these great idea’s but they never get implemented
  • I don’t have a long term picture of what the business should look like

If this sounds like you and you want to do something about it, then read on about how OCS can help facilitate and implement a Strategic Plan for the organisation, authored by the key Stakeholders in the business and implemented with the Staff in the business.

A great Strategic Plan should be something that is simple and effectively communicated to all its Stakeholders.

It should be something that everyone in the business has their fingerprints on in some way shape or form and it should be a living breathing document embraced by everyone in the organisation.  It is the catalyst for effecting change within the organisation.

What is the OCS Advantage?

We help you develop a comprehensive Strategic Plan ideal for Business Owners, CEO’s and Senior Management tailored to your organisation and authored by your team based around the BCS 8 Steps To Perfect Business Strategies™.

The Strategic Planning Program focuses on the internal and external environments and their effects and impacts on the business, what must change and how to change it. This program is supported by six to twelve months of supervised implementation and coaching.

This coaching program is specifically designed to put you in control of your future rather than the future being in control of you.

A business strategy is a map that guides you to your desired destination. Selecting that destination – where you want to go – depends on choices you may or may not make. This facilitated process will help your team determine the best options for strategic choices and their consequences. It is a rigorous examination of “where you are and where you want to be” – and how best to get there.

What you get?

  1. Strategic Plan – that doesn’t gather dust on the shelf
  2. Strategic One Page Plan – a one page synopsis of the strategic plan for all stakeholders
  3. Implementation Progress Reports – Actions and minutes from every strategic implementation meeting chaired by the Coach
  4. Coaching Project Plan – a schedule of coaching & implementation meetings to guarantee success

How it Works?

Participants are facilitated and coached through the process of…

  • Understanding the current pressure points facing the business
  • Realising what they control and can only influence
  • Assessing the significance of the pressure points and their likely impacts on the business
  • Creating a common strategic long-term vision for the business
  • setting 6 to 12-month milestones towards reaching the common vision
  • Establishing the who, by when and costs associated with the implementation of the strategic plan.
  • Regular implementation meetings to hold the team accountable to delivering on their respective milestones