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Is this the Family Business you work with…?

  • We don’t have any rules for family working in the business
  • None of the family that work here listen to me…
  • My parents dont seem to want to retire
  • I work harder than my siblings but they get the same as me
  • My kids dont seem interested in taking over the business
  • Alot of family seem to influence the business – but dont work here?
  • Oh shit, my brother is getting divorced
  • How do I make sure I don’t screw up what my parents have achieved
  • How do I change the old way of doing things to current best practice
  • How the hell did that person get the job ahead of me?
  • I didn’t realise I had that many cousins…

If this sounds like the Family Business you work in and you want to do something about it, then read on about how OCS can help Family Businesses, with everything from Family Charters, to Strategic Plans, Operational Plans, Succession Planning and most importantly strategies to manage generational change with the business authored by the the business and implemented with the Family & Staff in the business.

What is the OCS Advantage?

Anesan Naidoo is an FBA Accredited Advisor working with many diverse large and small Family Businesses – working with them through generational change, developing best practice and strategic planning and coaching to help the Owner Group and family stakeholders realise the full potential of their organisations.

What you get?

  1. Owner Group Strategic Plan with monthly implementation
  2. Family Charter Program
  3. Board Meeting Framework – agenda, format and schedule and chair meetings
  4. Policies & Procedures Manual
  5. Job descriptions with clear KPIs for each role in the business
  6. Run the first round of performance appraisals
  7. Perfect Month Meetings monthly with the Leadership Team
  8. Strategic Marketing Plan
  9. Organisational Succession Plan
  10. Personal Coaching Program – for Owners and Key Stakeholders
  11. Develop and implement Operational Plans for key parts of the Business
  12. Fortnightly to Monthly Implementation Meetings with the Team
  13. Telephone support as required related to the Coaching Program
  14. Proprietary Tools to coach the business into implementing the Strategic & Operational objectives through their respective areas of the Business

Contact us now to learn more about how we can make your Family Business more productive and efficient quickly and practically.

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